Our Range of Fencing Services

Marvin’s Fencing offers all kinds of fencing designs and dimensions. We even do custom gates. If you are unsure what kind of fencing is right for you, give us a call and we’ll come out to discuss your options.

We’ve been in the fencing business for over 25 years and have built every kind of fence imaginable. We know what works for most every situation. Whether your concerns are environment, need-based, aesthetics, animal safe or animal proof, let us help you come up with a fencing solution that is durable and one you’re happy with.

We break our fencing types into two main categories: Farm and Residential.

Farm fencing includes:

  • Woven Wire
  • Deer & Elk
  • Wood
  • Electric
  • No-Climb
  • Doweled Rail

Residential fencing includes:

  • Vinyl
  • Chain Link
  • Wood
  • Split Rail

Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t use a residential type fence in a farm situation and vice-versa. The choice is yours but our many years of experience can help you make the best decision for your needs.

Check out the many fencing types we offer and give us a call as soon as you’re ready.